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Saintes is a town that is full of history dating back to first century. Its architecture and historical monuments reflect the fascinating passage of times. The river Charente crosses the city, adding to its natural beauty. The city rose to its prominence in the XVIII century, primarily due to cognac related activities along the Charente river. Much of the nobility houses from this period still remain fully restored and inhabited.

  • L'Arc de Germanicus build in early first century by the Romans. It reminds everyone of the Arc d'Triomphe in Paris

  • Arena The amphitheater build by Romans in the first century. It seated 20,000.

  • Les Recollets Town walls from the IV century on the site of the former convent

  • L'Eglise Saint Eutrope This fascinating church was build in 1096. It was Saint Eutrope that converted locals to Christianity.

  • L'Abbaye aux Dames The Abbey of the Ladies dates back to 1047. Today it is center of the Ancient Music Festival and many other cultural events.

  • L'Cathedrale Saint Pierre This romanesque church was rebuild in the XV century with added gothic style. An interesting example of yesterdays architecture.

In addition, there are a number of museums reflecting the history of Saintes.

And, of course, there are places to visit, taste and purchase Pineau des Charentes and Cognac:

L'Arene du Gourmet

Distillerie Bossuet Logis de Folle Blanche, Chaniers (7 km direction Cognac)

J.M.Deau Domaine du Chaillaud, St. Andre de Lidon

Distillerie Pillet Les Moines, Nancras

Cognac Dupuis Domaine des Forges, Chermignac


Tourist office in Saintes is at Villa Musso, 62 cours National

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