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Jacques LETEUX et CIE

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Our family agriculture company (EARL) directed by Yves-Marie Leteux, cultivates 70 hectares of land and 20 hectares of vines which are located in the Fins Bois Cognac cru (growth).

Our family Leteux is a professional wine distiller for many generation. Our company, SARL Jacques Leteux et Cie., manages these activities. In our distillery, we have 7 alembics and we produce around 22 hectoliters of cognac at 70%. This production is accomplished in association with a Cooperative in the Cognac region.

The our wine is produced by our company EARL and then distilled. The cognac is aged and also used in the production of Pineau des Charentes.

Cognac XO (eXtra Old) is the top of our products. In the classic bottle, this XO need to be enjoyed slowly at the end of the evening. This blend of cru needs to be consumed with the knowledge of the best. This Cognac is available in Singapore.

Cognac Leteux XO
Leteux VSOP Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) which is older and merits special comment. Warmed in the palm of your hand it elevates its bouquet and brings the best of tasting at the end of meals. That is the way Charentaise enjoy it!
Cognac VO (Very Old) of good quality that tastes good as an aperitif with tonic, ice, water or syrup. Leteux VO

We propose two kinds of Pineau; white and rosé.

Pineau des Charente is a product resulting of mixing grape juice and cognac. It can be consumed at all hours of the day and evening at 8º but without ice. Adding ice will affect the bouquet and the fruitiness of this excellent drink.

Leteux Pineau des Charentes
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We ship in France a minimum of 6 bottles, transportation is extra. Payment is with order.

We show our distillery to interested groups by appointment. We, also, work closely with the Tourism Office in Matha to make your visit to the region a success.

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