Where to eat: Cognac region


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Regional cooking is very good and varied. Among the most popular regional dishes (Plat du Terroir) are:

Moules Marinières au Pineau des Charentes mussels cooked in Pineau des Charentes,

Melon with Pineau des Charentes melon with Pineau des Charentes

Mouclade Charentaise mussels cooked in butter

L'Eglade grilled mussels under pine needles

Les Cagouilles Charentaises local style snails

Huître chaudes à la marinière warm oysters in butter

Fricassee de Jaud young chicken (rooster) with cognac

Soufflè glacès au cognac a magic dessert with cognac.

Cafe Brûlot coffee with cognac, the local way.

These are just a few regional, signature dishes. We have identified some Plat du Terroir that are served in selected restauraunts in the Cognac region: Cognac, Jarnac and Segonzac.

  01 January 2001

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